Help Preserve Colorful Murals On Security Gates

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Steps are being taken to preserve the work of local artist Franco Gaskin, whose best-known work appears on security gates in Harlem.

Franco Gaskin (aka “Franco the Great”) painted hundreds of murals on roll down security gates.  He started in 1979.  The murals chronicled the history of Harlem and the story of African-Americans in America.

As Harlem has changed, many murals ended up in dumpsters, and there are only two dozen left.  An effort is underway to preserve them and place them somewhere to be viewed for years to come.

One proposed spot is Parks Department-owned land on 125th Street between First and Second Avenues, called Triboro Plaza.

The plan has received support from the local community boards, elected officials and a group of residents who have named themselves “Team Franco.”

The Parks Department plan discussions with community leaders in Harlem to discuss the feasibility of the proposal.

If you would like to communicate to the Parks Department regarding your thoughts on this matter, please feel free to reply to this post.  We will make sure your feedback gets to the Park’s department.

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  1. Please count me as one of the many supporters of Franco The Great and the preservation of the wonderful and historic gates that are left. Creative blessings in your efforts.

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