Rajdulari’s “HoneyWine” Video More Than Sizzles

One quality I really love about Rajdulari is her comprehensive beauty – inside and out – she shatters perceptions, expectations – she boldly puts her true self out there and what results is mind expanding for anyone taking her in.  I risk sounding trite when I say that women can’t help but be empowered by Raj’s example of embracing self, and working it.  But it really is true.  It’s a risk she takes.  This to me is why she’s more than just a gifted artist.  She’s a leader, a mentor, a shining example of how powerful a woman can be once she accepts and works what she has been given by nature.  This kind of beauty is evolved – higher level existence.  I’m deeply inspired by this wonderful woman, and I hope you are too.

Rajdulari’s video for her song HoneyWine was recently released and has been very well received.  Featuring the talented and fine artist Terrell Carter, the video opens with him discovering Rajdulari in her natural state – no makeup, guard down and you can see the adoration in his eyes when he approaches her.  The video tells a love story of unconditional love, mutual support, understanding, joy and powerful sensuality – this is how love – real life –  is supposed to be, isn’t it?

I recently spoke with Rajdulari about the filming experience.  She told me, “I’m really excited about releasing this video for “HoneyWine”. It’s one of my favorite tunes off of the debut album. It’s a song about a woman who is happy and who celebrates being in love with someone who appreciates her and who makes her feel good about herself.

The videotaping was a surreal experience. I’d never met Terrell Carter before, but I was so happy to see that even though he’s so well-known and so talented, he’s a really down to earth a good human being who is passionate about music and passionate about helping others to be successful. I’ll am forever grateful to my lawyer Jo-Na Williams (who initially introduced us), and to Terrell Carter for agreeing to do this project with us!”

If you haven’t yet, check this video and buy her album, HoneyWine.  #BAM

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxtP2GwznAU]


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