AT&T providing Free Wi-Fi Service during Harlem Week 2011

As Harlem Week 2011 events continue this month,  AT&T reminds us that they are providing free Wi-Fi service coverage now through Wednesday, August 31st along West 135th Street from St. Nicholas Avenue to Harlem Hospital Center, between Malcolm X Boulevard and 5th Avenue.  So feel free to browse the web on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop as you enjoy Harlem Week events uptown.

“AT&T’s provision of Wi-Fi service in honor of HARLEM WEEK 2011 is more tangible evidence of the company’s continuing support of the Harlem community.   For the first time ever, hundreds of thousands of people who attend HARLEM WEEK and use Wi-Fi enabled devices will enjoy HARLEM WEEK even more with the added value of free Wi-Fi which will greatly enrich an already wonderful experience,” said Lloyd A. Williams, President and CEO of The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce.

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