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MLK Day – President Obama Inauguration celebrations at Red Rooster and Ginny’s Supper Club in Harlem

This Monday January 21st is a big day with both Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the second inauguration of President Obama taking place. In Harlem, The Red Rooster and Ginny’s Supper Club will be celebrating with a day that

Alicia Keys ‘Keep a Child Alive’ Black Ball Redux at Harlem’s Apollo Theater

Alicia Keys is about to set it off at the Apollo Theater where the ninth annual Black Ball fundraiser for the singer’s Keep a Child Alive charity organization will take place this Thursday December 6th. The star-studded event has already

SPEAKEASY at Ginny’s Supper Club in Harlem

Ginny’s Supper Club at The Red Rooster in Harlem is going back, way back in time with its SPEAKEASY party this Saturday night. The theme is ragtime-prohibition era atmosphere, but you know the drinks will be flowing. Guests are invited

Help Fund Harlem Movie on Kickstarter: “Welcome to Harlem”

A new Harlem renaisiannce is here. One featuring a new wave of people living in harlem, an increase in the amount of attention being paid to Harlem, and utilization of new technology to showcase the richness of the community and

Belle Harlem Restaurant looks to open soon…with your help

Harlem resident Chef Darryl Burnett has started a kickstarter page to help raise money to open “Belle Harlem,” a new restaurant that will offer “chic comfort food in Harlem.” The exact location is not known, but he hopes to open