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Stars of Black Nativity movie hit the red carpet at the Apollo Theater in Harlem

The stars of the new film” Black Nativity” hit the red carpet at the Apollo Theater in Harlem last night.  Adapted from Harlem poet Langston Hughes’ play “Black Nativity”,  this new feature film musical features an all-star cast that includes

Harlem Resonance Spring Festival at Symphony Space

The Harlem Resonance Spring Festival is in full swing at Symphony Space on 95th Street and Broadway featuring music, literature, film, and stage/dance performances in April to May 11, 2013.  Check out the full schedule, or browse specific events of the

Harlem Renaissance Map and Poster Guide

Ephemera Press has a really nice series of CultureMap illustrated map-poster-guides, including this Harlem Renaissance Map and Poster Guide which covers the rich art and cultural history of Harlem, New York.

New Novel of Harlem Renaissance by Claude McKay is Found

New mnuscript by Claude McKay has been discovered. McKey was a Jamaican-born writer and political activist who died in 1948.  He influenced black writers including Langston Hughes. His work includes the 1919 protest poem “If We Must Die,” (quoted by

Life Upon These Shores

Life Upon These Shores: Looking at African American History, 1513-2008 chronicles the African American contribution to America, beginning with the first Africans to reach these shores—thirty Africans, as part of Vasco Núñez de Balboa’s “expedition, which “discovered” the Pacific Ocean in 1513—and