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El Barrio in Spanish Harlem is a great tourism destination

I just checked-out the Visit El Barrio campaign website which was set up to promote Spanish Harlem, also known as El Barrio, as a tourism destination. The promotional video below features host Victor Cruz as he enthusiastically describes various spots

World AIDS Week 2011 in Harlem

There are several World Aids Week 2011 events planned this week, set to coincide with World AIDS Day on December 1st.  To promote awareness and to commemorate 30 years of the tragic HIV/AIDS pandemic,  Mount Sinai medical students in collaboration

East Harlem Taste Trolley 2011 Launches

East Harlem Presents is set to launch its 2011 East Harlem Taste Trolley this week, taking participants on a “delicious tour” of the best Restaurants and Cafes in East Harlem.  Unfortunately, the this months September 29th edition is already sold

Vanishing Treasures: Restoring Harlem’s Murals

Harlem is home to many amazing murals like the one pictured here.  Efforts are underway to ensure the murals are preserved even as neighborhoods change. For example, a group has begun an effort to restore some of East Harlem’s murals

Experience El Museo del Barrio’s sixth biennial in Harlem

El Museo’s Bienal: The (S) Files 2011 is the sixth biennial of created by Latino, Caribbean, and Latin American artists currently working in the greater New York area.  The curators have focussed on innovative, cutting-edge art. This year’s edition spreads all over

Discover East Harlem on the El Barrio Today Walking Tour

El Museo del Barrio New York is having one of its FREE El Barrio Today walking tours this Saturday July 30th, a great way to discover East Harlem by foot. Highlights include the Graffiti Wall of Fame (one of my