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Harlem Resonance Spring Festival at Symphony Space

The Harlem Resonance Spring Festival is in full swing at Symphony Space on 95th Street and Broadway featuring music, literature, film, and stage/dance performances in April to May 11, 2013.  Check out the full schedule, or browse specific events of the

Documentary on Duke Ellington at Harlem Stage Gatehouse

If you’re looking to step out tonight, why not start your evening at the Harlem Stage Gatehouse where film director Terry Carter’s acclaimed documentary on Duke Ellington, “A Duke Named Ellington,” will light up the screen at 7pm.  Harlem Stage

National Jazz Museum in Harlem December 2012 Schedule

This month,  the National Jazz Museum in Harlem events include Harlem Speaks, a public program of oral histories, and in-depth conversations with two pianists from different places and generations: Richard Wyands and Jean-Michel Pilc.  December’s Jazz For Curious Listeners sessions