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Sweet Spot Festival Jamaican Indepen-DANCE Cooler Fete this Saturday!


The Sweet Spot Festival is back in Harlem this weekend with a Jamaican themed dance party at the West Harlem Piers. DJ Herbert Holler & The Rice and Peas Massive will be joined by DJ Gravy, Max Glazer and Micro

Sweet Spot Festival Presents Rice & Peas – Reggae and Dancehall Music Event

Sweet Spot Festival Presents Rice & Peas- Reggae and Dancehall Music

The Sweet Spot Festival and Giant Step NYC are putting on a Reggae party this Saturday, August 17th from 12-6pm at Jackie Robinson Park in Harlem, with music by Klash City, Max Glazer, Dj Gravy, Micro Don and Resident Dj

Jamaican Dancehall documented in the film “Hit Me With Music”

You can’t deny the influence that Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall music has had on music, style, and fashion around the world, and now some 30 years after Bob Marley’s death there’s new documentary film called “Hit Me With Music” which