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Harlem Restaurants get noticed in the Wall Street Journal

In today’s Wall Street Journal online New York real estate section, Harlem’s growing restaurant scene made the headlines in a piece titled “Harlem Draws a Restaurant Crowd.”   The map above shows the expanding “restaurant row” in Harlem which starts

Harlem Shambles’ Opening Party A Success

HarlemTrends attended the opening party for Harlem Shambles on Harlem’s first (but now one of several) restaurant rows, and would like to welcome them to the hood. The staff was sharply dressed, the food was on point, and the crowd

Get your drink on at one of many Harlem speakeasies

Harlem has a long history of places to quench one’s thirst, as this infographic charting Harlem speakeasys back in the day attests.   Harlem is currently home to an ever-growing selection of old and new places to grab a drink and