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6th annual Harlem Arts Advocacy Week

Actor and activist Danny Glover will help kick-off the 6th annual Harlem Arts Advocacy Week  at the Aaron Davis Hall on the campus of the City College of New York this morning.  Sponsored by the Harlem Arts Alliance, Harlem Arts Advocacy

Harlem Stage to Host “Holding it Down: the Veterans’ Dream Project”

  There’s something important going on at Harlem Stage Gatehouse on September 19th – 22nd:  Holding it Down:  the Veterans’ Dreams Project.  Brilliant pianist and Harlem resident Vijay Iyer is collaborating with producer and poet Mike Ladd to deliver a multi-media

New Novel of Harlem Renaissance by Claude McKay is Found

New mnuscript by Claude McKay has been discovered. McKey was a Jamaican-born writer and political activist who died in 1948.  He influenced black writers including Langston Hughes. His work includes the 1919 protest poem “If We Must Die,” (quoted by