NYC Tourism spotlights Harlem restaurants, music venues and theaters

New York City’s official tourism guide is spotlighting Harlem restaurants, music venues and theaters in January and continuing for Black History Month in February as well on its NYCgo Neighborhood x Neighborhood website. At the heart of this promotion is a lively video (watch below) which points out why Harlem is a hip and happening place in NYC, with suggestions of where to go uptown. There is also a great Must-See Harlem neighborhood guide which does a good job covering Harlem history, arts and culture, music and nightlife, Harlem’s Restaurant Row dining, and Harlem tour options. This effort by the city to promote Harlem as a tourist destination and to encourage people to come uptown in 2015 comes ahead of the highly anticipates Harlem Eatup! event which will take place in May 2015.