Tatiana Pagés Gallery opens in Harlem with “Thoughts & Senses” exhibit

Tatiana Pagés Gallery Harlem

Tatiana Pagés, a Chilean-Dominican New York-based art collector and activist designer threw a festive opening for her new contemporary art and design gallery, Tatiana Pagés Gallery last night in Harlem.  Located at 2605 Frederick Douglas Boulevard on the corner of 139th Street near historic Striver’s Row, the new art gallery officially opened to the public today with its first exhibit “Thoughts & Senses” featuring art from several highly regarded artists of Latin America including Isabel Cisneros (Venezuela), Adriana Marmorek (Colombia), Natalia Pages, Jorge Pineda, Belkis Ramirez, and Fernando Tamburini (Dominican Republic). The collection is described as “a collection of art dedicated to the exploration of the social as well as cultural tensions by six highly conceptual Latin American artists.” 

Tatiana Pagés art gallery

This was certainly not the obvious place to open an art gallery, but the enthusiastic Tatiana Pagés has been a resident of Harlem for the past six years, living close to the gallery, and has enjoyed the culture and community spirit of the area. She hopes that the success of Tatiana Pagés Gallery will help to bring more artists and creative entities to this part of Harlem.  We would love to see Harlem based artists represented in this clean, intimate gallery space in the near future as well.

Tatiana Pagés gallery in Harlem


We encourage everyone to stop by and welcome Harlem’s new contemporary art gallery – Tatiana Pagés Gallery to the neighborhood, and visit the website for more about the artists and artwork in the current “Thoughts & Senses” exhibit.

“Thoughts & Senses” is a collection of thousands of thoughts, breathing through the pores of objects and fabric, glass and canvas, acrylic and porcelain, all united by the idea of using aesthetics and form to imprint an emotional mark, making the viewer part of the dialogue and part of the change. The artists include Isabel Cisneros (Venezuela), Adriana Marmorek (Colombia), Natalia Pages, Jorge Pineda, Belkis Ramirez and Fernando Tamburini (Dominican Republic).