New Year, New Moon, New Album – Rajdulari’s Back!


 I said it the night I discovered her at Billie’s Black back in 2011, and I’ll say it again.  Rajdulari is a star rising with a quickness and now the world DOES know her name!  Europe is already in love with her.

Raj is back in full force with her new project, Journey of a Woman.  What I love about this work, in addition to it being a manifesto in support of REAL women, is that it reflects her very distinctive signature sound, which was there from jump.  Masterful, high level jazz, soul, R & B, lots of church, BAM at its finest.  She should be very proud of this endeavor which I know personally has been a labor of love.

Our girl has that gift of incorporating her own story into music that resonates – speaks to each of us in the way we need to hear it.  She shows us the wisdom of being authentic.  Her truth is sweet, real and so musical, with strong resolve and a direct projection into the future.  She’s even got love in there, which is always life affirming.  I also love the way she connects with her audience.  She communicates on the regular and treats you like fam.  I recommend joining her mailing list to get in on her updates. They always uplift.

I recently asked Raj about how she sculpted this project.  The writing process was a combination of things, typically [Producer Aaron Brooks-Roberts] would send me a track and I’d write the melodies to it and then we’d arrange the song together.  As a vocalist, I really wanted to stretch myself in this project, so I took more liberties with the way that I wrote the background vocals, etc. with more complex harmonies and more lush sounds.

I think what I’m most proud of in this project are the lyrics and the way each song is woven together to create a story. When you listen to the album from start to finish, you’ll see what I mean.  The story begins with a woman starting on her “Journey”, then she examines herself in “Natural”, in “BlackGyrl” she strengthens and gears herself up to take flight, then in “Peace” she remembers her inner balance. With “Dance w/Me” she explores her sexuality, then sings about the vulnerability of single life in “Real Love”. With “Open Air” love finally finds her, and in “Miracle” she celebrates the newness of her relationship. With “Juicy” she shares an intimate moment with her lover, and then in “What’s Love” she shows her vulnerability again and questions her liaison.

Rajdulari’s Journey of a Woman experience is her story and vision of her path to the Grammys.  She’s not playing, and she lets us know with a funky backdrop and strong harmonies throughout the album.  Life affirmation.  Self creation.  Exactly how it’s supposed to happen.  Put it out to the universe clearly and without doubt, and take control.  How can she go wrong?  The timing couldn’t be better.

Rajdulari Live in Session with JazzFM Radio

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