Internet Access built for Africa

Access to the internet can be challenging for many around the world and for a variety of reasons.  This includes residents of Harlem.   The video below describes how one group in Africa is successfully addressing particular challenges in Africa.  But I could not help but think the video contains lessons for us too.

When I encounter pieces like these, I can’t help but ask myself the following questions.

  • What can we use what others have built?
  • What can we learn from what others have done?
  • How can we improve upon it?
  • How can we share that with others?

Summary (via TED)

Tech communities are booming all over Africa, says Nairobi-based Juliana Rotich, cofounder of the open-source software Ushahidi. But it remains challenging to get and stay connected in a region with frequent blackouts and spotty Internet hookups. So Rotich and friends developed BRCK, offering resilient connectivity for the developing world.

Juliana Rotich is the co-founder of Ushahidi, open-source software for collecting and mapping information — and of iHub, a collective tech space in Nairobi, Kenya. She is a TED Senior Fellow.