Shawn Batey, Director/Producer of the film “CHANGING FACE OF HARLEM” has informed us that her team has reached the final stage of post-production, and are in need of a little help to complete this important project.  An Indiegogo campaign is underway to collect funds to complete the final sound mix and sound edit, color correction, archival footage, graphics and music composer fees.  We are happy to see that saxophonist, flautist, and clarinetist Jay Rodriguez from the group Groove Collective is composing the soundtrack for this documentary.  Watch the “Changing Face of Harlem” preview video below, and if you can donate from $25 and up to the campaign, expect a special gift for participating.

About The Film:

Changing Face of Harlem is a film told from the voices of longtime residents, business owners, politicians, developers, and clergy about the dreams and struggles of a neighborhood. The film explains Harlem’s intricate history so you can comprehend the complexity and height of emotions that Harlem citizens express today. If you weren’t aware, Harlem is undergoing a huge rebirth and revival just like many other urban communities of color. Identified as The Black Mecca, the birthplace of the renaissance, and also depicted as a crime-infested ghetto, Changing Face of Harlem takes a critical look at how Harlem has undergone its present transformation.