Setting the record straight on the real Harlem Shake dance

Melissa Harris-Perry set the record straight on the real Harlem Shake dance on her msnbc MHP show, stating some facts about the origins of the Harlem Shake and presenting a group of true Harlem Shakers including the Crazy Boyz, on TV.   While we have all had some fun watching many of the so-called Harlem Shake videos online, it’s also a good idea to step back and look at this phenomenon from a historical perspective. History has shown us many instances of art, music, and dance that originated in our inner-cities, especially Harlem, and then taken and twisted into something else and exposed to the world as such. We let you know about some of the originators of the Harlem Shake recently, but girlfriend (MHP) went in and took it further with a history lesson that we hope will go viral online. Watch, listen, and learn.

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