Props to the Harlem Shake dance originators

Who knew that the Harlem Shake dance would make a comeback and be the next big viral video craze on Youtube?  The Harlem Shake was first spotted at the Entertainer’s Basketball Classic at Rucker Park in Harlem back in early 1980’s, where a guy named Al B would get his groove on during breaks at the games doing the old-school dance that would also be known as the “Albee.”

Then there’s the dancer and choreographer Moetion, who is said to have taught HarlemShake moves in 2001 to dancers in the G Dep “Let’s Get It” video, Eve’s “Who’s That Girl” video, and Jadakiss “Put Your Hands Up” video.  A documentary called “Shake Down” featured Moetion in 2006, and I would bet that we’ll be seeing that make a comeback.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see P. Diddy cashing in on the re-emergence of the Harlem Shake since G. Dep was signed to his Bad Boy record label when the song “Special Delivery”, featuring a few Harlem Shake moves, came out in 1998.

Watch the G. Dep “Special Delivery” video below:

The Harlem Shake hype is far from coming to an end, it’s already gone global and Filthy Frank’s first video based on Baauer’s Harlem Shake trap track is getting millions of views on Youtube along with the hundreds of Harlem Shake videos popping up daily. Let’s give the originators of the Harlem Shake their due as well.