Harlem Shake videos go viral on YouTube

We know that the Harlem Shake dance originally began in Harlem, New York back in the early 1980’s, but this new Harlem Shake viral video craze that’s going on in 2013 is based on a “trap” track that came out in 2012 by Brooklyn-based DJ/produced Baauer, which you can listen to here.

The track is kinda hot right?  So, on to the Harlem Shake videos that are hitting all over the Internet, and which will probably help propel “trap” music into the mainstream in 2013 and get producer Baauer paid like “Gangnam Style.”   In a nutshell, most of the Harlem Shake videos feature one guy (or girl) with their face covered in a mask or whatever they can get over their head as this person dances (if you can call it that) alone.  After the bass beat drops in the song, this person is joined by other people who go berserk and try to get their sexy dance on in a frenzy of movements.

Now I grew up watching Soul Train, which taught many of us how to move and groove as we went down our own Soul Train lines at home.  After watching these so-called Harlem Shake videos, you’ll probably need a dose of some real Soul and funky dancing to bring you back to life. Then go check out a real Harlem Shake restaurant opening in Harlem NYC soon, or head over to one of the many Harlem establishments uptown.