Lakecia Benjamin Officially on the Map Y’all

Back in August, I published this review of Lakecia Benjamin at Ginny’s – she set off the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival 2012.  I just learned that DJ Center released a remix of Share My Life, one of the great songs from her album “Retox” – I see that Center is working on an additional remix, as well.  I love to see my girl Lakecia getting love from around the world!  If you don’t know about this quick rising star, you best ask!  Below I talk about my experience when I attended  Lakecia’s show:  One Love.

Motema Music artist Lakecia Benjamin is otherworldly. She and her band SoulSquad took us to their realm last Monday night at Ginny’s Supper Club to usher in the 20th anniversary of the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival. She packed in two sets and took us to a space in time that was both nostalgic in its funky soulful delivery & newly dynamic in its fusion of Latin, big band, funk, pop and avant-garde – and Charlie Parker was certainly in the building.  SoulSquad primarily performed a great variety of cuts from her album Retox.

This was how I saw the evening unfold.  Lakecia is Mother Tree.  Drummer Joe Blaxx is Father Tree – communicate light through roots – filter through to the forest of David Cutler on bass, Nick Roseboro on trumpet, Calvin Brown on keys, Jamiel Cornielo on guitar, Vickie Natalie on vocals.  Sound is air for us to breathe in and live for that moment – our key to life.  We climbed in, took a breath, blossomed like spring and held on for this ride.  The kind of thing you don’t want to end. One of my favorite moments was her cover of the Beatles’ Come Together.  I’m not a big Beatles fan, but I loved this rendition- the extended pauses in the chorus make you want to reconsider shit. Watch Lakecia love on her band.  She feels a solo and rolls up to celebrate and bring out even more.  She has so much to give – energy like dervish.  Pure bliss through sound.  Perfection.  Know this artist – you’ll be proud to say you were down from the beginning.