Bikram Yoga-East Harlem will have to close if they don’t raise $20,000 by Monday

It would be a shame to see yet another Harlem-based business go under, so help out if you can and pass the word on…quickly.  Here’s a message from Bikram Yoga East Harlem:

Dear Bikram Yoga East Harlem Family and Friends:
Due to a breakdown in negotiations with our building’s owners and an ongoing dispute with Con Edison we have been forced to temporarily close our doors. Our target re-opening date is Monday, December 3rd, however we must raise $20,000 to do so or our studio will be shut down.

We are asking for your help to keep Bikram Yoga East Harlem serving your community.

Please click on the picture below to make a donation. If 200 of you and 4 of your friends make a donation of just $20 each before December 3rd, we will reach our funding goal and with your help, bring Bikram Yoga East Harlem back. We thank you in advance and look forward to seeing you again soon!