Help Fund Harlem Movie on Kickstarter: “Welcome to Harlem”

A new Harlem renaisiannce is here. One featuring a new wave of people living in harlem, an increase in the amount of attention being paid to Harlem, and utilization of new technology to showcase the richness of the community and it’s residents and visitors.

Speaking of which, some new residents are using the latest crowsourcing technology Kickstarter to promote an award winning movie they are making about Harlem, “Welcome to Harlem”.


“Marty Blackstein, a young man of the new 20-something generation, after realizing that most of Manhattan today seems to be less about art and culture and more about money and corruption (and realizing that he can no longer afford this realization) decides to take a chance and move uptown to Harlem (151st st), NYC. Once there, he finds a sea of friendship, love and adventure enveloped in music, dance, grit and one of the most unique neighborhoods (and even more unique blocks) on the planet, and quickly learns that Harlem is not quite what he expected…”

Video Introduction


Kickstarter Campaign

Please let us know what you think of the project and if you decide to fund it (or not) and why.