City Council Redistricting Will Impact Harlem

As we previously reported (see end of article), a once-a-decade redrawing is taking place, meant to adjust for population changes following the 2010 Census.

The proposal aims to make all council districts roughly the same size by slicing off blocks from quickly growing districts and adding blocks to districts that people have left.

Commission members say that the proposed maps are only intended as a starting point.  Public hearings are planned.  Community groups, elected officials and members of the public will have a chance to weigh in and submit their own plans.

Starting on Wednesday, the commission’s website will offer a new mapping tool that will allow users to test the impact of shifting border lines.


  • The commission proposed expanding the footprint of the 10th district to include all of Inwood as well as Washington Heights, west of Broadway — neighborhoods currently represented by 7th district Councilman Robert Jackson.
  • The  7th district would shift south, to include all of the Upper West Side north of West 99th Street.
  • The  8th Council District, which is currently based in East Harlem and Manhattan Valley, but would be extended far deeper into the South Bronx, where populations have been growing quickly.

Public hearings on the maps kicked off Oct. 2, with locations announced soon. Anyone who wants to submit testimony can also do so using the commission’s website.