Apps we like: The new “Obama for America 2012” iPhone App

This week the President rolls out the new Obama 2012 iPhone app, designed to help you get involved, stay in the know, and bring others into the fold — it’s the one app every Obama supporter should have.

Download the app here for free, and take a look around.

This app is an extension of the type of grassroots organizing this campaign has always been about, where everyone has a seat at the table and anyone can make a difference. All you need is your phone — here’s what you get:

— Info: All the facts and news you need at your fingertips — everything from how the President’s policies have had an impact on your state to where to register to vote — all easily shareable through Facebook, Twitter, email, and SMS.

— Events: Trying to catch the President or First Lady at a campaign rally? You’ll be in the know when they’re coming to town. You can also find grassroots events near you, so you can meet up with other supporters and get to work for the campaign right away.

— Action: When you’re hitting the doors, the app helps you canvass your community, providing information to share with voters and ways to record their feedback as you go.

It’s a must-have — click here to head over to the app store and download it today!

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