Jo-Ná A. Williams, Esq. Redefines Artist Development

I truly believe that artists do not have to be victims in this industry.  With a vision, a clear strategy and solid foundation you can achieve your dreams. – Jo-Ná A. Williams, Esq.

If you’re an artist who wants to take your career to the next level, but you just don’t know exactly how or what to do, I want to introduce you to someone:  Jo-Ná A. Williams, Esq.  She created The Artist Empowerment Firm to provide a true service to creative people.  She has taken the legal representation model and allowed it to evolve into a business that places her clients as her highest priority – not the bottom line. I have never met an attorney who embodies the kind of passion and dedication to the artist that Jo-Ná does.  This formidable woman takes a holistic approach to assisting her clients with their growth.  The Artist Empowerment firm is, in her own words, a virtual law firm that helps artists build a solid business and legal infrastructure  so they can become an empowered entrepreneur and have a foundation to reach their dream.  This virtual business model allows her  to help her clients according to their non traditional schedules.  She takes them by the hand and walks them through what they need to be effective and efficient business people and it enhances their art by putting them in control of their own destiny.

A singer herself, Jo-Ná knows firsthand how easily an artist can be victimized by folks on every level in the entertainment industry.  I started off as a vocalist from age 5.  When I was 17 I took it seriously and pursued it professionally in Georgia.  I got hooked up with an engineer who had different acts come through his studio – I would create vocals, do backgrounds, lyrics (choruses for artists) and I would sing on these projects. I didn’t realize at the time that I needed an agreement, or that I wouldn’t get paid or even credited for everything I did and it culminated with me seeing these other acts go out and perform – I would hear my voice in their music and there were no credits for the background vocals – I was hearing my voice on the Atlanta indie radio stations and I realized it wasn’t fair. 

Jo-Ná‘s life path led her to obtaining her JD after she had created a side business organizing events for artists while in college – she did this for over 10 years.  She loved being able to provide a platform for artists to express themselves.  She then went to law school, worked in an entertainment firm, and decided to take the reins herself and create The Artist Empowerment Firm. She truly represents artists with their best interests in mind.  I had the kind of compassion that would allow me to understand from an artist’s perspective what happens in the event that somebody is taken advantage of if they don’t have the proper contract – I could speak to it from a perspective of somebody who has been in their shoes which would allow me to understand and guide them in a way that would make the law not scary for them.  It’s such unknown territory for them.  An artist puts all their trust in someone they don’t know and they expect them to interpret all this stuff correctly.  I received offers to be ‘of counsel’ at other firms doing the big celebrity stuff and I realized it wasn’t where I wanted to be – they weren’t practicing the kind of law I believed was necessary  – the mystery had to be taken out of the law in terms how to set up a business properly, marketing etc.– I love it, so I help people who want to know this information and communicate it in a way they can understand it, then apply it.

 Jo-Ná created the Blueprinta document that helps artists focus what she calls their Vision Target. She outlines necessary steps to take and makes the information tangible to an artist who might be overwhelmed by it.  I call it wrapping Brussels sprouts in chocolate.  It’s nasty, you don’t want to deal with it – when you were a kid you didn’t want to eat it, but your mom says it’s good; just wrap it up in a little chocolate, and then you might be swayed to try it.  I designed the language in the document in a way that would be the same as me sitting across from them in real life – it is something they can take away that is actionable; they can put these steps into place and they can get into a groove.

The Artist Empowerment Firm is growing fast, and Jo-Ná is really on to something.  A true 21st Century business woman, she has created a niche in this entertainment/creative playing field where so much grey area leaves artists floundering alone and defeated by their inability to truly develop a business mind.  Artists, she believes in you.  You should take advantage of her Free 30-minute “Get to Know Each Other” session.  It will change your life. To find out more about her firm please visit:


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