Chef Marcus Samuelsson “Savoring Harlem” on the Food Network

Marcus Samuelsson Savoring Harlem

Chef Marcus Samuelsson of The Red Rooster restaurant is bringing the taste of Harlem to Food Network viewers this Friday February 24th, at 8 pm ET/PT. The TV special, called Savoring Harlem, will focus on Harlem’s new restaurants and food culture, as well as culinary institutions like Sylvia’s restaurant,  and neighborhood green markets. Expect a diverse mix of cuisine to be represented in the show, including Ethiopian, Italian, French, Spanish and of course a healthy dose of soul food. It’s no wonder that Harlem has become a vibrant food destination, and Marcus Samuelsson has played a huge role in promoting the new food revolution in Harlem. The video below should whet your appetite:

4 Responses to Chef Marcus Samuelsson “Savoring Harlem” on the Food Network

  1. John Austin says:

    Great show done by Samual and Food Network. Five years ago Food Network had zero people of color representing their show. Great representation today. Keep up the good work Food network, but give Samuals his share of a show slot.

  2. Consuella Jackson says:

    Great show! Now I just need to plan my visit to NYC and go to each restaurant featured.

  3. Chef Marcus,great show – outstanding doing Harlem proud – people like myself who lived in NYC back in the day, I am so jazzed – the show was rich in culture and I wanted more, but thank you, thank you…looking forward to more. Great job

    Chef Marlene Myrie

  4. Camilla says:

    Great show! Love the diversity of foods. I know what I’m doing for my birthday this year…Savoring Harlem!

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