Pink Teacup Owner Opens Auberge Laurent In Harlem

Auberge Laurent has opened in Harlem.Described as an elegant, brick-walled wine bar with a lounge, serving mostly French wines and beers by the glass and the bottle and cheeses and charcuterie.

It is owned by Lawrence Page who also owns the Actors’ Playhouse in Greenwich Village. He also owns the original Pink Tea Cup on Seventh Avenue South.

Plans to move or open a Pink Teacup in Harlem: “but we could not get a liquor license in this space because it was too close to a church…”

Mr. Page is negotiating for a location in Harlem, near Auberge Laurent, to reopen it, hopefully this Spring. He is also exploring ways to franchise the Pink Tea Cup.

“Most of my clientele is from Harlem and the Bronx and going to the Village was not convenient,” he said. “Now there’s this whole movement to Harlem, what with Red Rooster and all.”

Auberge Laurent, 200 Malcolm X Boulevard (120th Street), (212) 831-3625.

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  1. I used to eat at the Pink Teacup in the Village back in the Seventies — the only restaurant soul food I could be bothered with, and the best apple pie (after mine, of course!)

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