You Know A Hood Is Hot When Its Community Board Explores Closing Bars Early

harlem restaurant row

Its a trend seen all too often in Manhattan’s trendiest neighborhoods.  They start off not so trendy.  New bars and restaurants stake their claim.  They get popular.   The scene gets hotter.  The neighbors get agitated about the crowds and the noise.  An adjustment is inevitable . Sort of like a real estate bubble.

This pattern is happening in one of Harlem’s fastest growing areas, home of the first and one of many Restaurant Rows (Fred. Doug. Blvd from 110-125), within the jurisdiction of Community Board 10, which spans the 1 and a half square mile area bound by Central Park on the south, the Harlem River on the north, Fordham Cliffs on the west and Fifth Avenue, east.

Eyewitness News has learned that Community Board 10 has not made a decision on the matter.

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For more info see:  Community Board 10 considers proposal for new bars to stop serving alcohol at 2am in Harlem |

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