Harlem Restaurants get noticed in the Wall Street Journal

harlem restaurant row

In today’s Wall Street Journal online New York real estate section, Harlem’s growing restaurant scene made the headlines in a piece titled “Harlem Draws a Restaurant Crowd.”   The map above shows the expanding “restaurant row” in Harlem which starts from 112th street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard and spreads out through Lenox avenue just above 125th Street. You’ll recognize many of these hot spots in Harlem, but there are obviously restaurants missing from the list as this piece focuses mainly on relatively new establishments uptown. Still, it’s nice to see the subject covered in the Wall Street Journal, Harlem businesses can use all the help they can get to attract new customers.

Harlem restaurants and bars highlighted in the article include 67 Orange Street, the bistro Cédric, 5 & Diamond, Bier International, Lido, Auberge Laurent, Settepani, Harlem Tavern, Chez Lucienne, Chocolate, Nectar, Red Rooster, Melba’s (hey girl!) and the one and only Sylvia’s soul food restaurant.

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