El Barrio in Spanish Harlem is a great tourism destination

I just checked-out the Visit El Barrio campaign website which was set up to promote Spanish Harlem, also known as El Barrio, as a tourism destination. The promotional video below features host Victor Cruz as he enthusiastically describes various spots in East Harlem, visiting restaurants that offer traditional Latino food, art galleries, museums, as well as street art and nightlife. It appears that the website has not been updated lately, but I am hoping that the folks behind this effort will keep it going. In any case, I highly recommend viewing the selection of videos on the site, which do a great job of putting a much-needed  spotlight on establishments in El Barrio, Harlem.

Visit El Barrio

“A neighborhood rich in culture and history. Located in the northeastern part of Manhattan, the area stretches from 96th Street to 139th Street, and from the East River to 5th Avenue. It is home to one of the largest Latino communities in New York City and to the amazing diversity of the various communities that make up this great city. “El Barrio” is one of three official names for the area, and it stands for “The Neighborhood” in Spanish. The area is also known for being the birthplace of several internationally known Latin artists and home to the Graffiti Hall of Fame, as well as boasting the most amazing section of Central Park (Conservatory Garden) and being the start of the world-famous Museum Mile. Traces of the neighborhood’s history and culture can be found throughout the area, in its architecture and local establishments. Visit one of the last truly classic New York City neighborhoods, a bit off the beaten path, but still in the heart of the capital of the world.”

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