Help Bring Technology, Innovation and Employment to Harlem

New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) is seeking proposals from qualified individuals, organizations, or companies to develop, operate and maintain an incubator space in the Manhattan neighborhood of Harlem, preferably along, or within a two-block walk of 125th Street.

NYCEDC may make certain funding available to help cover specific incubator start-up costs and operating expenses. NYCEDC will consider incubator programs for (i) startup businesses in technology, new media, or services sectors, generally, (ii) co-working space for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups, or (iii) a combination thereof. Food use or similar programs will not be considered for purposes of this incubator.

NYCEDC seeks financially sustainable and innovative proposals to develop, market, operate, and manage the incubator. Programmatic goals for the incubator include: (i) provide a well-managed, fully equipped incubator space that can be rented on a flexible full-time or part-time basis; (ii) provide key programming, including business development and networking opportunities; (iii) offer affordable rents; (iv) help create new, self-sustaining and profitable businesses; (v) enhance revenue and profitability of existing businesses; (vi) generate more demand for local products or services; and (vii) develop a self-sustaining incubator. The incubator should provide a much needed space for entrepreneurship and innovation in Harlem.

NYCEDC plans to select an operator to develop, operate, and maintain the incubator on the basis of factors stated in the RFP which include, but are not limited to: the quality of the proposal and the proposed incubator program, experience and qualifications of key staff identified in the proposal, financial capability of the respondent to successfully launch the incubator and develop a self-sustaining operation, the provision of affordable rents to incubator tenants, and demonstrated successful experience in performing services similar to those requested in the RFP.

via Harlem Incubator RFP .

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