Mahatma Gandhi Health and Peace Walk in Marcus Garvey Park – Sunday 10/2 – 11am

The Walk, sponsored by the Arise India Foundation organized the first Mahatma Gandhi Health and Peace Walk in Marcus Garvey Park, encourages people to follow the example of Mahatma Gandhi to exercise every day to enhance their wellness, fight diabetes and heart disease. The slogan of the Walk is: “In His Footsteps–For Your Health.”

Watch news coverage from last year’s event.

The Arise India Foundation’s mission is to apply Indian thought for humanity’s benefit. They do this by carefully examine Indian thought and the lives of its great men and women through the ages. Isolate those elements that can assist us in effectively addressing the complex challenges of today’s world. Transform these elements into initiatives to further the goals of the United Nations Charter especially in the fields of health, environment, peace and development. Arise India Foundation’s flagship initiative is the Mahatma Gandhi Health and Peace Walk. Arise India Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in India and working worldwide with partners.

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