UPDATE: Harlem Meer Gets A Soundtrack Via iPhone

Central Park: Listen to the Light


We originally reported on this amazing innovation months ago.  The New York Times provided expanded coverage today.


A company called Bluebrain has developed a free “location-aware” iPhone app called “Central Park: Listen to the Light,” a musical guide to central park.

The app is available here:

Central Park (Listen to the Light) - BLUEBRAIN

The app has no orderly track listing or specified run time.  Instead it plays one of 400 tracks composed specifically for the app by the Holladay brothers, based on where you are in the Park, and only when in the Park.  Including the Harlem Meer.

“Listen to the Light” contains just over 10 hours of music. Bradley Feldman, a programmer in Brooklyn, developed the software for both the Central Park and National Mall apps.

The work took over six months to create, included over 10 musicians and includes interesting instrumentation such as the pipe organ.

“Listen to the Light” is Bluebrain’s second app. Their first, released in May, surveyed the National Mall in Washngton.

Read the full story here.

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