Chashama Art Space Available In Harlem

Chashama repurposes vacant properties using them as artist work and show spaces.  They are granted at free or highly-subsidized rates.

In their own words:

By converting buildings in transition, we invest in neighborhoods, foster artists and art making, and sustain a vast range of creativity and philosophies. chashama’s spaces encourage priceless cultural and economic development by bringing the creative community into a variety of neighborhoods, while providing artists access to the alliances chashama has formed with borough, city, state and federal agencies. Our services and activities cultivate cohesive environments through outreach and interaction with area youth programs, schools, local community boards, small businesses, property owners, arts organizations, economic development corporations and government entities – making chashama an integral thread in the fabric of that region.

One such location is 461 Studio Gallery in Harlem, between Amsterdam and Morningside Avenues.


  • Square Footage: 45,000 square feet, bi-level
  • Use: Ground floor: 11 studios and an exhibition space. 2nd floor: 15 studios, and Youth Program
  • Donated by: Janus Management, Inc., LLC
  • City Council District: 7
  • City Council Member: Robert Jackson
  • Gallery Space Grants since July 2010: 8
  • Events since July 2010: 27
  • Estimated Attendance: 3,996

  • daily:$150
  • weekly: $500

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