Collector’s Art Summit, Inc. Changing the Future of Art

On Saturday, September 3rd Collector’s Art Summit, Inc. will be holding their Harlem Art Gala & Jury Awards.  The event takes place from 3 pm to 6 pm in the Tropical Gallery at the Our Children’s Foundation.   This impressive organization was created by International Artist SeaHawk Wang-Radoici and allows artists an unusual opportunity to submit their art for free.

Collector’s Art Summit, Inc. (C.A.S., Inc.) is a privately held company with 20,000,000 authorized shares available.  To become a shareholder, you would purchase art from the corporation and common shares are received based on the value of the piece.  Artists are also able to participate as shareholders.  Their goal is to bring C.A.S., Inc. Wall Street and trade its shares publically on NASDAQ.

With an international roster of both visiting and elected artists, the company takes a progressive approach to fostering and supporting the art community in Harlem.  The September 3rd event will feature art to be judged by Salmagundi Art Club Member SeaHawk, who herself is an brilliant artist, and Deborah Ortega, owner of Ortego Gallery in Las Vegas.  First Prize is worth $1,000; Second Prize is worth $800 and Third Prize has a value of $600.

Our Children’s Foundation is located at 527 W. 125th Street, from 3 pm to 6 pm on Saturday, September 3rd, 2011.  For more information visit Collector’s Art Summit, Inc.’s website at


Title: “Uptown Dance” Al Johnson. Mixed media with collage on canvas. 5″ x 5″ – Price: $1,200.

INto Harlem

3 Responses to Collector’s Art Summit, Inc. Changing the Future of Art

  1. Mile Shecha says:

    I think that the new approach to connecting Art Collector and Art Creators will work and be beneficiary to bot of them. If anyone purchase painting that is registered at C.a.s., INC. both buyer and artists will receive shares and become corporation shareholder…

    What is more important that C.A.S., INC. is working is to protect art works after it is sold and let artists have some profit sharing in future, if his/her art work is RESOLD for 300% over first price… For all artists that read this, it sounds fantastic. We at Collectors Art Summit, INC. are starting to impose rules “collectors hand” from January 2012. For more info one must be stockholder of Collectors Art Summit, INC.

    • in2harlem says:

      Thank you for your replies Mile Shecha! I personally think it’s brilliant to allow artists this level of profit sharing. I’m excited to see C.A.S., Inc. grow!

  2. Mile Shecha says:

    1.) ELECTED ARTISTS are already stockholders of C.A.S., INC
    2.) SELECTED ARTISTS are selected (for free) for Art Gala & Jury Awards

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