When Visiting Harlem Take A Harlem Heritage Tour

Harlem Heritage Tours is the premiere grass roots tourism company in Harlem.

All tours are conducted by people who are  born and raised in the community and still live in Harlem.  And because Harlem Heritage Tours has access to local information first and extensive community connections, they can meet a variety of customer needs.

Harlem Heritage Tours was founded by Native Harlemite Neal Shoemaker in 1998.  The company has thrived by providing “authentic experiences presented via the eyes of those who are actually from Harlem.”

Harlem Heritage Tours works with community partners, such as the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, and the Apollo Theater in developing innovative ways to deliver content using a variety of media, channels, approaches and experiences.

Upcoming events:

  • Sun 7/31/2011: Harlem Gospel Walking Tour
  • Sun 7/31/2011: Harlem Pre-Dinner Harlem Renaissance Walking Tour
  • Mon 8/1/2011: General Harlem History Walking Tour
  • Tue 8/2/2011: Harlem Renaissance Walking Tour
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Additional information:

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