Harlem Postcards Exhibit at the Studio Museum in Harlem

Studio Museum in HarlemThe Studio Museum in Harlem has a cool “Harlem Postcards” exhibition going on from Jul 14, 2011 – Oct 23, 2011, featuring unique postcards from contemporary artists such as Senetchut Floyd, Phillip Pisciotta, Tribble & Mancenido and Genesis Valencia, who offer their own view of Harlem life and culture.

“Harlem Postcards, an ongoing project, invites contemporary artists of diverse backgrounds to reflect on Harlem as a site of cultural activity, political vitality, visual stimuli, artistic contemplation and creative production. Representing intimate and dynamic perspectives of Harlem, the images reflect each artist’s oeuvre with an idiosyncratic snapshot taken in, or representing, this historic locale. Each photograph has been reproduced as a limited-edition postcard available free to visitors.”

I’m definitely feelin’ the Harlem postcard below titled “Hands With a Heart” by Genesis Valencia.  Head on over to the Studio Museum in Harlem at 144 West 125th Street and have a look at the whole collection.

Harlem postcards

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